Is this a platform where I can do many surveys and tasks? Will it be ongoing?

Testable Minds is a platform where you can participate in many psychological/behavioral experiments and other studies from the world's leading universities. It is an ongoing thing, with a constant flow of new studies.

Is there a limit to how many studies I can participate in a day or ever?

No, there is no such limit. You can participate in all studies available to you.

Does this mean that I can participate in all studies?

Yes and no. Different studies have different requirements and researchers are interested in a wide range of individual profiles, so there will be many studies for which you don't qualify. However, you won't see these studies anywhere. Only studies looking for your profile will be visible to you (you can increase their number by completing your profile) and yes, you can participate in all of these.

Do I have to register to take part?

Yes, you need to register and complete as much as possible from your profile (this will affect how many studies you'll have access to).

Do I need to verify my identity to participate in studies?

Verifying your identity is not required, however we strongly recommend that you do. Some researchers only look for verified minds and may pay more. Additionally, you will be able to withdraw money instantly with Revolut.

How do I earn money?

You get paid for each study you complete, after the researcher approves your participation (so make sure you do the study properly!). Each study has a different participation fee, depending on duration, complexity, researcher, etc. Your participation fee will be added to your Testable Minds balance.

How do I actually get the money?

It depends on whether you allow us to verify your identity or not. As a verified mind, you can withdraw your money anytime after you make the first $10. If you are not a verified mind, you can make your first withdrawal when your Testable Minds balance reaches $20 and then subsequent withdrawals when your balance reaches $10.

How will payments be made? Will they be in the form of cash, gift cards, or bank deposits?

We have different payment options. We strongly encourage you to use Revolut, that's one of the best new banks and you will get a free physical card from Revolut if you sign up using our link. Most importantly, it is free, fast, and secure. We can also make payments directly to your bank account or to your Paypal account (note that Paypal typically charges a commission for the money we transfer to you, up to 5% of the total amount).

Why use Revolut? Why not Circle?

We find Revolut is a better solution for everyone and we think you will be delighted with it. For example, it allows instant free payments (you will get your money the moment you requested it), something that we could not have with other payment providers. In contrast, Circle doesn't allow companies to use them, as per their user agreement: "You must be an individual of at least 13 years of age to enter into this Agreement." We like to respect the user agreements :)

I created an account but I cannot login. What's going on?

Make sure you use the correct method to sign in. If you signed up with Facebook, you can only sign in using Facebook. Same for Google. If you signed up with an email address, you can only sign in using this method (attempting to sign in using Facebook or Google will not work). If you are sure you are using the methd you used for sign up, contact us and we'll sort it out.

What is my Testable Mind ID or code?

You can find your individual mind ID under your picture profile in the top-right corner and in your Account Settings page. It is an M followed by six digits (e.g. M025878).

Help! I can't login because my email address is not recognized. I'm sure I signed up for Testable Minds before!

Make sure you use the correct website to sign in: minds.testable.org (your account will not work on www.testable.org, this website is for researchers only)

Is there a penalty for withdrawing from a task?

No, you can withdraw at any time without a penalty. Just click Withdraw.

I just completed my first task, but there was no place to put the completion code. What should I do?

Nothing! Some studies do not need a completion code, we have other means to check that you have completed the study.

I just clicked on "Start" to begin a task, but the task hasn't opened and the timer is running down. And if I withdraw, I can't do it again.

You are most likely on your mobile. The study has opened in a new tab on your mobile, you just need to find it.

Can a mind contact the creator of a study?

Soon! For now, please email us if you have any problems.

Why can I see more studies when I’m logged out than when I am logged in?

Some studies require a certain profile and thus are not available to all participants.

When are new studies posted? Can I be notified when this happens?

New studies are posted all the time, depending on researchers' needs. We strongly recommend that you enable desktop notifications from Testable Minds so that you receive instant notifications for new studies for which you qualify.