Will this be a platform where I can do many surveys and tasks? Is this a one-time thing? Will it be ongoing?

Testable Minds will be a platform where you can participate in many psychological/behavioral experiments from the world's leading universities. It will be an ongoing thing, with a constant flow of new experiments.

Do I have to register to take part?

Yes, you need to register and complete as much as possible from your profile (this will affect how many experiments you'll have access to).

How can I withdraw money?

You will be able to make your first withdrawal when your balance reaches $20. The threshold for subsequent withdrawals is $10.

How will payments be made? Will they be in the form of cash, gift cards, or bank deposits?

All payment transactions will be processed through PayPal (we are also investigating other user-friendly payment solutions, so if you have a preferred method, please don't hesitate to tell us). We will not store/ask for any information related to bank accounts, credit/debit cards etc.

What is my username?

For login purposes, you do not need a username. Your "identity" in Testable Minds will be a cryptographic random code (i.e. a "mind" number) that we will assign to you

Help! I can't login because my email address is not recognized. I'm sure I signed up for Testable Minds before!

Make sure you use the correct website to sign in: minds.testable.org (your account will not work on www.testable.org, this website is for researchers only)

Is there a penalty for withdrawing from a task?

No, you can withdraw at any time without a penalty. Just click Withdraw.

I just completed my first task, but there was no place to put the completion code. What should I do?

Nothing! Some studies do not need a completion code, we have other means to check that you have completed the study.

I just clicked on "Start" to begin a task, but the task hasn't opened and the timer is running down. And if I withdraw, I can't do it again.

You are most likely on your mobile. The study has opened in a new tab on your mobile, you just need to find it.

Can a mind contact the creator of a study?

Soon! For now, please email us if you have any problems.

Why can I see more studies when I’m logged out than when I am logged in?

Some studies require a certain profile and thus are not available to all participants.