Example Studies

Verified Minds

You will be presented with four medical scenarios and asked questions about the diagnoses presented. The whole study tak... more

20/20 minds tested

Test your memory as if you were a witness of a crime, and answer questions about what you have seen as in a real intervi... more

32/31 minds tested
Verified Minds
Face perception mechanisms in individuals with normal and abnormal face recognition

We are investigating how people recognize faces. We hope that research such as this can lead to a better understanding o... more

30/30 minds tested
Perception and judgment of products III

In this experiment you will be asked to watch and rate different pictures.

180/180 minds tested

This study examines how well you can detect differences between faces. Please note you are expected to perform well to g... more

80/80 minds tested
Verified Minds
Retrieval support on incidental and intentional memories

The study is set to investigate how well eyewitnesses can remember details of people who have committed a crime.

100/100 minds tested