Current Studies


A mixture of brief computerised tests of language and perception, together with questionnaires about personality and sen... more

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Please be sure you read this entire information sheet. You are being invited to take part in a research study. Before yo... more

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Past Studies


We're collecting normative data for a survey. You'll respond to 58 items asking about your background and daily experien... more

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Test your perceptual ability!

Questionnaires (10 mins) plus tests of vision and hearing (5 mins). Must be done on a computer (desktop or laptop) but ... more

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You will be asked to learn hair styles, and to complete a recognition test.

50/50 minds tested

This project involves making judgments about your own and other people's decision making. The study is split into five s... more

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Predicting faces from voices

This study aims to investigate whether participants can match unfamiliar faces to unfamiliar voices. It will take approx... more

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