Example Studies

Perception and judgment of products II

In this experiment you will be asked to watch and rate different pictures.

160/160 minds tested
Verified Minds

In this test, you will be shown pictures of different people and asked to indicate if that person is a man or a woman.

20/20 minds tested
The National Lottery Survey

You are asked to complete a short survey about The National Lottery. Please make a note of your Mind ID, you will need i... more

30/30 minds tested
Color Visual Perception

You will be shown pairs of colors sampled from a 360-degree color spectrum and will be asked to judge the visual similar... more

31/30 minds tested

You will be asked to learn cars, and to complete a recognition test.

50/50 minds tested

This study examines how well you can detect differences between faces. Please note you are expected to perform well to g... more

61/60 minds tested