Example Studies

Organizational Culture and Decision-making

This study is about organizational behavior and decision making. There are two short open-ended questions and 12 multipl... more

220/220 minds tested
Verified Minds
Quick survey of family health

This study is investigating whether synesthesia (atypical experiences such as associating colours with numbers or 'seein... more

60/60 minds tested
Sentencing Decisions in the Magistrates' Court

The following study investigates the sentencing decisions made in the Magistrates' Court. Participants must be aged betw... more

128/128 minds tested
Verified Minds
Musicality, music-colour, and synaesthesia

Some people experience music as coloured (this is a form of synaesthesia). In this study we want to recruit people from... more

50/50 minds tested

There are two tests; in one you will recognise famous faces, in the other famous landmarks. Overall the study will take ... more

50/50 minds tested

The purpose of this study is to test consumer behaviour when ordering a coffee, something you are hopefully familiar wit... more

100/100 minds tested