Example Studies

Identifying skills and interests xxfour (2)

Take time to read the following carefully. This project is aimed at helping young adults (including high school student... more

37/37 minds tested

This study examines how well you can detect differences between faces. Please note you are expected to perform well to g... more

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Example study

This is an example study testing your face recognition abilities. It's very short, it should take less than two minutes ... more

Verified Minds
Gallery Matching Experiment

In this experiment you will be presented with 21 target faces that you are asked to identify. A gallery of 10 faces will... more

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This project involves making judgments about your own and other people's decision making. The study is split into five s... more

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I need help solving a problem. Would you like to help me? I cant pay more than .30 cents but it wont take more than 8 mi... more

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