Example Studies

Tests of language, perception and personality

A mixture of brief computerised tests of language and perception, together with questionnaires about personality and sen... more

25/25 minds tested
Detecting personality traits from faces

In this short task, you will see pairs of faces and a description of behaviour. All you need to do is consider which fac... more

50/50 minds tested

This project involves making judgments about your own and other people's decision making. The study is split into five s... more

31/25 minds tested
Verified Minds

Test your memory as if you were a witness of a crime, and answer questions about what you have seen as in a real intervi... more

20/20 minds tested
Verified Minds
Attitudes towards driving behaviour

The purpose of this study is to explore attitudes towards driving behaviour and what impacts them.

60/60 minds tested
Verified Minds
Retrieval support on incidental and intentional memories

The study is set to investigate how well eyewitnesses can remember details of people who have committed a crime.

100/100 minds tested