Example Studies


During this experiment, you will be asked to classify words into two categories as quickly and as accurately as possible... more

150/150 minds tested

Participants will carry out a sequential matching task involving visual stimuli.

20/20 minds tested
Verified Minds

Use information and graphs to make predictions.

20/20 minds tested
Investigative Interview in police questioning

You will be asked to read a fictional murder vignette and answer a survey concerning your opinions on the suspect descri... more

80/80 minds tested
Difference in inhibitory control between monolinguals and bi/multilinguals

A study looking at inhibitory control in monolinguals and bi/multilinguals, using the stroop task. The difference in rea... more

90/90 minds tested

This project involves making judgments about your own and other people's decision making. The study is split into five s... more

31/25 minds tested