Example Studies


This study examines how well you can detect differences between faces. Please note you are expected to perform well to g... more

50/50 minds tested
Verified Minds

In this test, you will be shown pictures of different people and asked to indicate if that person is a man or a woman.

20/20 minds tested
Making conceptual "families" by card-sorting

About vacations You must complete all 4 parts. When asked, enter item-set code xxa59 and leave password space blank as... more

60/60 minds tested
Tests of language, perception and personality

A mixture of brief computerised tests of language and perception, together with questionnaires about personality and sen... more

25/25 minds tested
Identifying skills and interests xxfour (2)

Take time to read the following carefully. This project is aimed at helping young adults (including high school student... more

37/37 minds tested
Verified Minds

Use information and graphs to make predictions.

20/20 minds tested