Example Studies

Verified Minds

You will be presented with four medical scenarios and asked questions about the diagnoses presented. The whole study tak... more

20/20 minds tested
Making conceptual "families" by card-sorting

About vacations You must complete all 4 parts. When asked, enter item-set code xxa59 and leave password space blank as... more

60/60 minds tested
Verified Minds
Social traits in faces and voices

Aim: We are interested in people’s ability to perceive social traits from faces and voices of other people. What you ... more

98/98 minds tested
Study on Medical Decision Making

In this study, you will be presented with fictitious medical diagnoses and will be asked to make some decisions. The stu... more

191/191 minds tested

We're collecting normative data for a survey. You'll respond to 58 items asking about your background and daily experien... more

103/100 minds tested

The test asks you to recognize landmarks. Overall, the study will take approximately 15 minutes

20/20 minds tested