Example Studies


Test your memory as if you were a witness of a crime, and answer questions about what you have seen as in a real intervi... more

40/40 minds tested
Perception and judgment of products

In this experiment you will be asked to watch and rate different pictures.

180/180 minds tested

Answer questions about your worldview and what you think people deserve in specific comparative situations

52/50 minds tested
Verified Minds

This study involves recognizing eyes and mouths. Overall, this task will take approximately 15 minutes.

80/80 minds tested
Verified Minds

This study aims to understand how the human brain processes information related to task performance. Participants will c... more

40/40 minds tested
Panorama Visual Perception

You will be shown pairs of images sampled from 360-degree panoramas and will be asked to judge the visual similarity of ... more

23/23 minds tested