Example Studies


This study examines how well you can detect differences between faces. Please note you are expected to perform well to g... more

51/50 minds tested
Investigative Interview in police questioning

You will be asked to read a fictional murder vignette and answer a survey concerning your opinions on the suspect descri... more

80/80 minds tested

You are asked to complete a short survey about The National Lottery. Please make a note of your Mind ID, you will need i... more

20/20 minds tested

I need help solving a problem. Would you like to help me? I cant pay more than .30 cents but it wont take more than 8 mi... more

40/40 minds tested
Test your perceptual ability!

Questionnaires (10 mins) plus tests of vision and hearing (5 mins). Must be done on a computer (desktop or laptop) but ... more

50/50 minds tested
Verified Minds
Face perception mechanisms in individuals with normal and abnormal face recognition

We are investigating how people recognize faces. We hope that research such as this can lead to a better understanding o... more

30/30 minds tested