Example Studies

Investigative Interview in police questioning

You will be asked to read a fictional murder vignette and answer a survey concerning your opinions on the suspect descri... more

20/20 minds tested
Check browsers' responses

This is a very simple test. Your task is to start an experiment and then wait until it finishes (it lasts 1 minute). We ... more

50/50 minds tested

This study is composed of two tests that will assess your ability to discriminate between colours. Furthermore, there is... more

30/30 minds tested


20/20 minds tested

Answer questions about your worldview and what you think people deserve in specific comparative situations

52/50 minds tested
Verified Minds

This is a two-part study. In Part 1, you will be presented with a series of 20 faces that you will be asked to memorise.... more

47/46 minds tested