Example Studies

Verified Minds
Face perception mechanisms in individuals with normal and abnormal face recognition

We are investigating how people recognize faces. We hope that research such as this can lead to a better understanding o... more

30/30 minds tested

This project involves making judgments about your own and other people's decision making. The study will be split into t... more

50/50 minds tested

During this experiment, you will be asked to classify words into two categories as quickly and as accurately as possible... more

100/100 minds tested
Verified Minds
Emotions in faces and voices

PERCEIVING EMOTIONS FROM FACES AND VOICES Aim: We are interested in people’s ability to perceive emotions from faces... more

143/143 minds tested
Constructing conceptual "families" by card-sorting

A task for those interested in describing how executive functioning relates to education. You must complete all 4 parts... more

25/25 minds tested
Study on Medical Decision Making

In this study, you will be presented with fictitious medical diagnoses and will be asked to make some decisions. The stu... more

191/191 minds tested