Current Studies


You will complete questionnaires about your day to day life and emotions, take part in face recognition tasks, and be as... more

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You will view faces and be asked to rate them on different traits (e.g. trustworthiness, age).

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Verified Minds

The current research aims to examine an individual's perception of the police’s investigative interviewing approaches.... more

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Past Studies

Difference in inhibitory control between monolinguals and bi/multilinguals

A study looking at inhibitory control in monolinguals and bi/multilinguals, using the stroop task. The difference in rea... more

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Example study

This is an example study testing your face recognition abilities. It's very short, it should take less than two minutes ... more


I need help solving a problem. Would you like to help me? I cant pay more than .30 cents but it wont take more than 8 mi... more

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Verified Minds
Face perception mechanisms in individuals with normal and abnormal face recognition

We are investigating how people recognize faces. We hope that research such as this can lead to a better understanding o... more

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Verified Minds

You will be presented with four medical scenarios and asked questions about the diagnoses presented. The whole study tak... more

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