Example Studies


You will be asked to learn hair styles, and to complete a recognition test.

50/50 minds tested
Study on Medical Decision Making

In this study, you will be presented with fictitious medical diagnoses and will be asked to make some decisions. The stu... more

191/191 minds tested

During this experiment, you will be asked to classify words into two categories as quickly and as accurately as possible... more

100/100 minds tested
Verified Minds

This is a two-part study. In Part 1, you will be presented with a series of 20 faces that you will be asked to memorise.... more

47/46 minds tested
Verified Minds

In this test you will decide in which direction faces are looking. Overall this test will take approximately 15 minutes.

30/30 minds tested
Verified Minds

Test your memory as if you were a witness of a crime, and answer questions about what you have seen as in a real intervi... more

20/20 minds tested