Example Studies


There are two tests; in one you will recognise famous faces, in the other famous landmarks. Overall the study will take ... more

50/50 minds tested
Sentencing Decisions in the Magistrates' Court

The following study investigates the sentencing decisions made in the Magistrates' Court. Participants must be aged betw... more

128/128 minds tested

You will be presented with four medical scenarios and asked questions about the diagnoses presented. The whole study tak... more

40/40 minds tested
Verified Minds

This is a three-part study. In Part 1, you will be asked to estimate the age of 20 people from their faces. In Part 2, y... more

20/20 minds tested

Must be completed on a desktop computer (not a tablet or phone). You will be asked to complete two short questionnaires ... more

28/28 minds tested
Verified Minds

This study involves recognizing eyes and mouths. Overall, this task will take approximately 15 minutes.

80/80 minds tested