Current Studies

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Past Studies

Verified Minds
Recognition of faces in different views

In this task you will be matching faces. Overall, this study will take approximately 15 minutes.

100/100 minds tested
Verified Minds
Categorization of Skulls

Participants will see images of skulls and must categorize them as human or non-human.

200/200 minds tested
The role of attention and memory in an investigation

About the study. The study examines the role of attention and memory in the context of a hypothetical investigation. We... more

55/55 minds tested
Verified Minds

Help us shape the future directions for Testable Minds and therefore help you and your fellow minds get a better experie... more

30/30 minds tested
The National Lottery Survey

You are asked to complete a short survey about The National Lottery. Please make a note of your Mind ID, you will need i... more

100/100 minds tested