Current Studies


You will view faces and be asked to rate them on different traits (e.g. trustworthiness, age).

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You will complete questionnaires about your day to day life and emotions, take part in face recognition tasks, and be as... more

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Past Studies


You will be asked to learn bicycles, and to complete a recognition test.

50/50 minds tested
Verified Minds
Recognition of faces in different views

In this task you will be matching faces. Overall, this study will take approximately 15 minutes.

100/100 minds tested
Verified Minds

We're collecting normative data for a recognition test that will be used as an assessment instrument for individuals who... more

91/91 minds tested

We're collecting normative data for a survey. You'll respond to 58 items asking about your background and daily experien... more

90/90 minds tested
Making conceptual "families" by card-sorting

You must complete all four parts. When asked, enter item-set code xxa36 and leave password space blank as there is none.... more

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