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Testable Minds is the platform used by researchers from the world's leading universities to recruit participants for their psychological and behavioral experiments. You now have the opportunity to contribute to our quest to understand how the mind works and make some money on the way.

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Example studies

Color Visual Perception

You will be shown pairs of colors sampled from a 360-degree color spectrum and will be asked to judge the visual similar... more

31/30 minds tested
The role of attention and memory in an investigation

About the study. The study examines the role of attention and memory in the context of a hypothetical investigation. We... more

55/55 minds tested
Verified Minds

Help us shape the future directions for Testable Minds and therefore help you and your fellow minds get a better experie... more

30/30 minds tested
Perception and judgment of products

In this experiment you will be asked to watch and rate different pictures.

180/180 minds tested
Verified Minds

This is a three-part study. In Part 1, you will be asked to estimate the age of 20 people from their faces. In Part 2, y... more

40/40 minds tested
Verified Minds

In this test, you will be shown pictures of different people and asked to indicate if that person is a man or a woman.

20/20 minds tested

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