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Testable Minds is the platform used by researchers from the world's leading universities to recruit participants for their psychological and behavioral experiments. You now have the opportunity to contribute to our quest to understand how the mind works and make some money on the way.

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Testable Minds is a community of people with a genuine interest in helping science. Your participation in studies is paid, but this is not a labour market or just another money-making website. To enforce that, we limit individual participations and earnings to $50 per month.

Example studies


Participants are asked to match one of three test images (side view) with a target stimuli (frontal view) in terms of id... more

66/65 minds tested
Verified Minds

Test your memory as if you were a witness of a crime, and answer questions about what you have seen as in a real intervi... more

20/20 minds tested
Difference in inhibitory control between monolinguals and bi/multilinguals

A study looking at inhibitory control in monolinguals and bi/multilinguals, using the stroop task. The difference in rea... more

90/90 minds tested
Verified Minds

You will be asked to indicate how closely a series of images resemble a famous person's face.

30/30 minds tested
Verified Minds

In this test you will be presented with 100 images of body postures. You will be asked which label(s) best describes the... more

50/50 minds tested

This project involves making judgments about your own and other people's decision making. The study is split into five s... more

31/25 minds tested

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