Example Studies

Verified Minds
Face Discrimination Study

This study investigates the ability to discriminate color images of human faces. Some of the images are quite similar to... more

90/90 minds tested

During this experiment, you will be asked to classify words into two categories as quickly and as accurately as possible... more

150/150 minds tested
Color Visual Perception

You will be shown pairs of colors sampled from a 360-degree color spectrum and will be asked to judge the visual similar... more

31/30 minds tested
Verified Minds

Watch short animations and answer multiple-choice questions about their contents. We are interested to find out how peop... more

25/25 minds tested
Investigating individual differences in cognitive vs affective empathy

We are conducting a study to understand the effect of different personality traits on empathy in adults (18 – 65 years... more

40/40 minds tested
Research Survey on First Impressions of Child Faces - Pre-Screening Survey Required

If you qualify after a pre-screening survey, participate in a research study by taking a survey on first impressions of ... more

60/60 minds tested