Example Studies

Verified Minds

Use information and graphs to make predictions.

20/20 minds tested
Making conceptual "families" by card-sorting

About vacations You must complete all 4 parts. When asked, enter item-set code xxa59 and leave password space blank as... more

60/60 minds tested

This study tests several areas of perception. It has 9 parts, each between 4 and 6 minutes long. Please note you are exp... more

20/20 minds tested
Study on Medical Decision Making

In this study, you will be presented with fictitious medical diagnoses and will be asked to make some decisions. The stu... more

191/191 minds tested

Participants will be asked to judge visual stimuli. Must be done on a computer (desktop or laptop) but not a tablet or p... more

30/30 minds tested
Verified Minds

This study aims to understand how the human brain processes information related to task performance. Participants will c... more

40/40 minds tested